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Open Source CMS: The Criteria for Selection

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What is an Open Source Content Management System?

A content management system is actually a computer application which has the ability to support modification and creation of digital content. It can support multiple users in an environment which is collaborative in nature.  An Open source content management system in most of the cases has the following features

  • Version control
  • Web based publishing
  • Format management
  • History editing

Open Source CMS: The Plus Point

There are many things that give an Open Source CMS edge over Propriety CMS. The things have been discussed below

1.      Stability

The majority of open source content management systems that are operating out there are home to communities of developers which are massive. These communities work very hard for the improvement and expansion of the systems which they use for their operations.

Since the code is open to all hence it is very easy and simple for the developers working outside the company to search out the problems and propose the necessary solutions. The reason behind this phenomenon is that there is no single owner of the particular product but rather community which can produce content as per necessity. The phenomenon leads to faster innovation too.

2.      Flexibility

The open source CMS is much better then propriety CMS when it comes to flexibility. In an open source CMS you can have full leverage to try out your creativity. It is recommended that you should go for the CMS provider that vetts out the code (contributed) first.

3.      Safety

Security threats are their especially the risk is too high with the CMS which is highly popular in the market. In case of an Open source CMS the chances of getting hacked are much less if the CMS is equipped with the ability to monitor patches and security issues. Usually the CMS which has a strong community is less prone to any kind of security threats.

4.      The Cost

There are countless factors that can be helpful in determining the cost of a CMS implementation. The majority of propriety solutions are packaged in bundles which are “ready to go” in nature. However still some level of customization is required.

On the flip side of the coin, an Open source solution is highly unpresumptuous and flexible while not forecasting that you require everything in a bundled form from the start.

Open Source CMS: How to select

Just like it is necessary that you must check certain things in a CMS application. If you still considering: What is the Best Open Source Platforms (E-commerce)? These things have been mentioned briefly in the headings below. You should ensure that these things are present in your CMS.

1.      Community Size

You should check the size of the CMS community before you decide to use it. There are several ways to check size such as

  • Check the forum size
  • Check the availability of FAQ
  • Check the accessibility of the documentation

2.      Updates

Check the blogs that are written for product updates. This will help you in ensuring that whether the system which you are considering is regularly updated or not? There are many systems that have not been updated for a long time so be careful in this regarded

3.      Options

Check whether the CMS which you are considering offer paid support or not? If yes, then check the cost too. It is also necessary that the support should be there in your language.

4.      Development Houses

In majority of the cases vendors have a chunk of companies whom they feel are the best. Hence there is no harm to request the vendors for their recommended companies. Once you have the list then follow up the development houses through RFP’s to get an idea about the end cost.


These were some of the major things which you need to check in an open source content management system. There are many other things as well however to keep this article simple and easy we have listed only the major ones. There are many CMS companies out their which you can consider and with a mere Google search you can find many names.  To know more on the subject you can always go online and find the blogs which others have written on this subject.



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