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BLOG Module: An Easy Solution

Blogging and Business

The art of blogging is very common nowadays and almost everybody is involved in it. Particularly businesses nowadays are heavily indulged in blogging. Businesses nowadays have a complete team of professional bloggers who regularly write blogs for them. There are many advantages which businesses foster from blogging; some of these advantages are as follows

  • The search engine optimization gets boosted via blogging
  • A blog assists in developing concrete relationships with potential and existing customers
  • You can establish yourself as an industry leader via blogging
  • Blogging helps in the creation of perfect brand image

BLOG” Module – The most wanted Prestashop blog module


The blog module is something which helps the authorized utilizers in the maintenance of a blog. Blogs are posted in a series (time stamped) and viewed by date. The entries of a blog can be made private or public to the members of the website.

The best blog module out there is “BLOG”. The module is blessed with exceptional features. In the headings below we have discussed in detail some of the key aspects of “BLOG

About the “BLOG

The Blog has everything that is required for the building of a proficient Prestashop blog. The application is highly compatible for PrestaShop sites. The application is blessed with high quality features and is home to instructions that can be easily understood by you as a user. BLOG” is also home to some wonderful customization options.  “BLOG” can provide you the following benefits

1.      Design

BLOG comes along with 4 page design templates. The templates are as per your choice. All the pages have been designed professionally and are equipped with the latest design trends. The option of color picker exposes you to unlimited colors. You can select the color as per your liking.

2.      SEO

BLOG” is ideal for you if you want to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine. The application is equipped with remarkable things like SEO Meta tags, HTML tags and a SEO friendly URL as well.

3.      Compatibility and Flexibility

The most flexible PrestaShop blog module available nowadays is “BLOG”, the beauty of the application lies in the fact that the first end of the blog can be easily managed via its backend. The application also allows you to customize the blog’s display as per your preference. The module can work perfectly with all the versions of PrestaShop.

4.      Gallery and Image Slider

BLOG” is equipped with an exceptional image slider which is home to animation effects which are attractive in nature. There are several slider options from which you can choose from. The module also helps you in the setting up of a photo gallery page for your site. The gallery can be displayed in various positions.

5.      The General features

There are several features because of which “BLOG”  has gained a lot of fame in the market. Some of these features are

  • Blog category
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog post
  • Slider
  • Related posts
  • Latest posts
  • 4+ blog page layout

The Other Options

If for some reason you are unable to grab your hands on “BLOG” then there are some other modules as well which you can utilize. Without discussing any technical aspects we have discussed thekey features of these modules below

1.      Module by Prestalive

  • Develop and remove categories
  • Develop or remove posts
  • Multi language support
  • Support captcha

2.      Module by Inveostore

  • Compatible with multiple sites
  • Auto adjustment (CSS Selectors)
  • Word press style elements restricted
  • Simple installation

3.      Module by PrestaShop

  • The number of articles can be set
  • The length of the summary can be set
  • The look is compact and customized

4.      Module by Smartdatasoft

  • Featured image
  • The blog search
  • Categories
  • Recent articles
  • Popular articles

In a Nutshell

The best option is “BLOG”. We have discussed this module in detail in this article. You can purchase the module from the relevant internet platforms. The other options which we have mentioned in this article are also good however their features are no match with the “BLOG”. We hope that you found this article interesting and worth sharing. If you are serious about a blog management software then quickly grab “BLOG” for your future operations.