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Why You Should You Choose Prestashop?

E-commerce has quickly become one of the biggest phenomena in the recent years. With the help of E-commerce, more and more online stores are emerging every day. Running an online store has never been easier, with the introduction of platforms like OpenCart, JigoShop and Prestashop things have become really simple. However, there are always some reasons that you need to consider in order to choose a particular E-commerce platform. Each and every platform out there has some benefits and drawbacks. Here we will discuss some of the reason why you should choose Prestashop.

The Reasons

Prestashop is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best E-commerce platforms that you can use. Some of the best things about Prestashop are as follows:

  • SEO
  • Open Source
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Services
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Management
  • Tranlations

1.      SEO

When you are talking about online stores and websites then SEO is one of the most important things to worry about. Without Search Engine Optimization it is impossible to market your website and bring it to the publics notice. Luckily, if you choose to use Prestashop as your E-commerce software then you will have to worry less about SEO.

With PrestaShop, you can use Blog module to share your knowledge, pieces of advice. How can a blog help your Business? This so simple, Prestashop is search engine friendly as it creates dedicated URLs for each and every product that you have on your website. In this way the search engine has a link to every product that you have and the users can easily access those links.

2.      Open Source

One of the best things about Prestashop is that is completely open source. This means that the software is free to use, not only that you can also distribute the software and modify it according to your own needs. This gives you the ability to freely work with Prestashop and do whatever you want with it.

3.      Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also an important part of running an online business. Prestashop can also help you with your digital marketing. This is because it provides automated follow-up emails and newsletter subscriptions. It also provides social media page links and other such features that fall under the shadow of digital marketing.

4.      Web Services

Prestashop allows the developer to easily do what they want to do with the online store. It allows them to modify the store or create more useful things that meet with the specifications. This is a very helpful feature and will definitely come in handy in the long run.

5.      Functionality

Prestashop provides a lot of functionality to the online store. Most importantly it makes things like checkout, payment and shipping a lot easier for the user. It integrates payment methods and providers on the checkout page. In other words it does all the work for you and gives you the money in the end.

6.      Security

When you are running an online business then one of the biggest concerns is security. Luckily, if you are using Prestashop then you need not worry about it, this is because the software is very serious about its security. It supports SSL web hosting and cookie encryption along with many other security protocols and features.

7.      Analytics

Prestashop is integrated with Google Analytics, this is helpful on many levels. It gives real time analytics and tracks visitor activity. This is a great tool to have by your side if you want to grow your business. If you truly want your business to prosper then analytics plays a very important role as it gives you information that you would not be able to get otherwise.

8.      Management

Prestashop also makes it very simple for you to manage your online store. Customer management is one of the most difficult things to do but Prestashop makes it so simple. From orders to customers’ accounts to shopping carts, Prestashop helps create all of those things.

9.      Translations

One of the biggest reasons that you should choose Prestashop is that it is available in 41 different languages. This means that you can choose any language that you understand and have a full command over. The customers can also choose a preferred language and use the website in that particular language.


These were some of the main reasons that should convince you to use Prestashop for your online business.

The Best Open Source Platforms (Ecommerce)

For effective running of an E-commerce website or an online store, the importance of an Open source E-commerce platform can be ignored. These platforms assist in the effective and professional running of an online store. There are several E-commerce platforms that are available in the market. Through this article we will list and briefly explain some of these E-commerce Platforms to you. Before we jump to the actual topic let’s see some of the basic benefits provided by an E-commerce Platform.


  • There is no requirement of a Vendor Lockdown
  • The availability of an old school integration surely serves as an advantage
  • E-commerce platforms make customization easy and simple
  • E-commerce platforms provide adequate security to a webpage

E-commerce Platforms worth experiencing!

Now let’s see some of the E-commerce platforms who have created a buzz in the market due to their wonderful offerings and features.

1.      Magento

The community edition of Magento is truly awesome. The greatest thing about the community edition is that there are several features that have been added in it. Most of these features are not available on other Open source Ecommerce platforms that are available out there. The main features are related to management of multiple stores, different currencies and a variety of languages.

2.      PrestaShop

The biggest benefit of PrestaShop is that it very easy to utilize as compared to some of its counterparts. The software is utilized in more than 250,000 different online websites of the world.  The software is very easy when it comes to customization and installation. Without doubt PrestaShop is one of the best E-commerce platforms available.

3.      OpenCart

OpenCart is highly popular in those circles which are involved in small level businesses. The software is ideal for people who lack in programming experience. The application is very simple and does not possess complex functionality found in some of the other shopping carts available out there. However high simplicity also means less features.

4.      osCommerce

osCommerce is one of those applications that have been in operation from almost last fifteen years. The application is home community created add-ons in access of 7000. The software allows you customization as far as designing and improving the appearance of your storefront is concerned. More than 260,000 store owners are using this software.

5.      Zen Cart

Zen Cart also has considerable following when it comes to Open Source Ecommerce Platforms. The software is blessed with a wonderful system related to product management. Zen Cart can help you in the management of inventory as well. The software provides you with absolute control. Zen Cart can lose speed especially if loaded with too many products.

6.      Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is a relatively new platform and is a kind of an application that has its basis on Ruby on Rails. The platform is modular in nature and can be configured with ease. Similarly the functionality can also be upgraded. The software is used by popular retailers like 3D Robotics.

7.      WooCommerce

WooCommerce is highly compatible with WordPress hence is worth using if your website has been developed via WordPress. The application boasts a rapidly increasing utilizer community. The software can be managed and installed with ease without much of a serious difficulty. Popular retailers using this software include names like EcoKitty and Cupcake Studio

8.      Jigoshop

Jigoshop is also a WordPress-based solution which is gaining fast fame in the market. The software is lightweight especially if compared with its counterparts. The application is conducive for all those individuals out there who want to improve their plugins, storefront, plugins and extensions.

9.      VirtueMart

VirtueMart is highly compatible with Joomla. It helps in the effective running of your Storefront. The high side of the application lies in the fact that it is SEO friendly which means that by applying professional SEO you can surely achieve a high ranking for your webpage.

Make your Move

If you have just started your business then keep one thing in mind and that one thing is that you cannot survive without a strong online presence. Online presence is not a piece of cake and for this you need to think seriously and may have to seek help from some professionals too.




Best E-Commerce Software Solutions

If you want to run an online business then you will first need to build an online store. Building an online store is a simple task but requires a lot of care and focus. In today’s era, E-commerce has changed a lot and many new tools have been introduced that can help you by providing E-commerce solutions.You can research Open Source CMS: The Criteria for Selection. There are many software that you can use in this regard and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Spree Commerce
  • WooCommerce

1.      Magento

If you have done a bit of research on e-commerce software then you will certainly recognize Magento. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest names on the market and is also one of the most used e-commerce software that you can find.

The best thing about Magento is that it gives open source users everything that they need to run an online store. It allows the user to create landing pages for the products that you want to sell, you can also create content for those products.

With the help of Magento, you can easily manage the shipping of the products that you send out to your buyers. Running an online business has never been easier. With Magento you also get access to many add-ons. These add-ons add many new features to Magento and you can choose from a huge library.

2.      OpenCart

Installing OpenCart is very simple, as long as you have LAMP (Linus, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on a server then you can begin using OpenCart. One of the best thing about OpenCart is its marketplace, this is where you can go buy all the different kinds of add-ons that are supported by OpenCart. The prices of the add-ons vary depending on the functionality that they offer. The most expensive OpenCart add-on that you can buy is Microsoft Dynamics Integration which costs almost $2000.

Managing OpenCart is simple and fun, as it is known for having an intuitive dashboard. It is easy to use and that is why you will notice that many of the people toady use OpenCart.

3.      osCommerce

One of the oldest e-commerce software that you can find is osCommerce. Since osCommerce has had such a long run that is why many add-ons have been developed for it. You will be surprised to learn that you can get more than 7000 free add-ons for osCommerce.

Integrating osCommerce is very simple as it can be done with the help of its Apps Marketplace. With the help of this marketplace you can even integrate osCommerce with Facebook and other giants. One of the greatest advantages of osCommerce is that it is not complex at all. It is easy to use out of the box and that is why it is a go to option especially for beginners.

4.      Prestashop

Prestashop is one of that e-commerce software that has been built on web development language. Do you ever ask: Why You Should You Choose Prestashop? The simple answer is: It is built on PHP which makes it easier to use with most of the websites out there. With Prestashop, you can get access to more than 1500 templates. You can also avail many add-ons that can simply make your website a whole lot more interesting.

5.      Spree Commerce

The best thing about Spree Commerce is that it gives open source users everything that they need to run an online store. It allows the user to create landing pages for the products that you want to sell, you can also create content for those products.

With the help of Spree Commerce you can easily manage the shipping of the products that you send out to your buyers. Running an online business has never been easier. With Spree Commerce you also get access to many add-ons. These add-ons add many new features to Spree Commerce and you can choose from a huge library.

However, one thing that you should know about Spree Commerce is that it requires the developer to know a bit of Ruby. If that does not concern you then you can do a lot with Spree Commerce.

6.      WooCommerce

WooCommerce is very different from the rest of the software that have been mentioned above. This is because it is not an independent software instead it is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress. Nevertheless it is very useful and can get the job the done.